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A System Worth Checking Out

In my search for online systems that allow you to earn, without breaking bank, I have encountered one that is just perfect for newbies like me.   It’s called Covert Commissions. It is an affiliate marketing program which lets me promote preloaded products and earn commissions.   The way it works is you sign up for a Covert Commissions account, and then you can either purchase a credit that can let you promote a mission (1 credit = 1 mission), or you can buy any of their membership levels which range from $10 to $97.   The missions come with promo tools, including a squeeze page that you can use to promote and get people to sign up. As people sign up to one of your squeeze pages, they should receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. When they confirm their subscription, they get added to your list.   The system will then send them emails regularly with promo offers that have your affiliate links on it. If they purchase any of the offers through your link, you earn a commission for the sale.   It was overwhelming at first given I had no experience in affiliate marketing, but their system includes tutorials that will guide you on how to activate, set up and promote.   To add to this, they also have a money back guarantee,...

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Best Tips To Increase Web Traffic

This technical copywriter lays out a simple list of 7 ways to increase web traffic in 2018. John Espirian claims that his website traffic has more than doubled in the past year. He explains that an increase in website traffic means more people are interested in your products and services, or whatever you have on your site. So the goal is to get people to visit your site. That is challenging given the millions of websites out there. But it can be done. He backs up his claim, listing 7 reasons for the increase. If you apply these 7 tips, he says you can improve your presence on the...

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